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How to stay fit and healthy whilst travelling

Your physical and mental health is one of the easiest things to neglect when working and regularly travelling. With a long list of continually varying priorities each day, looking after yourself can quickly the back of the queue. Constantly switching kitchens makes cooking healthy meals at home seem more effort than it’s worth. Exercise becomes a challenge as it becomes impossible to sign up to monthly gym memberships, run a familiar route or take your bike for a spin. Low energy levels impact your judgement and decision making. So the default state can quickly become to eat (garbage) out all the time and do very little exercise.

How to travel frequently and remain professional in your remote job

In March 2015 I took-off from Heathrow airport with sweat on my brow and quivering with uncertainty. I was on my way to Bangkok for the first time, and more significantly, about to try and work remotely from abroad for the first time in my life. I was fortunate to have Bangkok as a first choice, as I had good friends who lived there and with decent infrastructure the city is quite well set up for remote working. However in the months to come, as I travelled around more things were to get a lot more challenging.